CPC Program

Allow us to unburden you of the upkeep and repair demands of home or condominium ownership. Our service will enhance the value of your property. You will have professional property managers normally only available to large residential properties just an email or call away. When you need us, we’ll be there for you.

The Complete Property Care Program is a members-only service with an annual fee that opens the door to a world of benefits and protections. For the single property owner who becomes a member, we offer an initial home inspection that will give you a professional property manager’s perspective on the unit's condition and potential problems.

The Complete Property Care Program will establish a seasonal maintenance schedule for the property that will allow us to alert you and offer service as needed. The home inspection will generate pictures and data that will be stored in a secure web based file that can only be accessed with a password.

Seasonal Maintenance

With a customized seasonal schedule for your property you will no longer need to keep track of needed maintenance such as gutter clean-outs, carpet cleaning, boiler blow-downs, battery replacements, dryer vent clean-outs, outside water shut-off & on, filter replacements, drain cleanings, and a whole lot more. Let CPC track and perform all your seasonal maintenance.


For the busy home owner and traveling professionals, it is not always possible to be at home to let in a CPC service technician or other vendor. CPC offers secure access management for your building and home through our in-office key/code storage room. Opt for Access Management Service and provide CPC with your keys and security code and CPC will arrange a service reps' presence to provide access. CPC is insured and staff are vetted for security clearance.


CPC in conjunction with The Hofeller Company is available to perform Project Management services on high-cost property projects where expertise in managing the determination of scope, establishing specifications, drafting RFP's, soliciting bids, evaluating bids, advising clients, managing the actual work, and job close-out can be provided on a contractual basis.


CPC in conjunction with The Hofeller Company is available to perform on-call Property Management consulting services for your property. Property surveys to determine preventative maintenance programs, conditions statement, repair & remodeling needs, can be obtained on a hourly rate basis. Other Property Management services can be arranged through The Hofeller Company.

Membership Terms

$99 Initiation Fee
$20 Monthly Fee

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